Teacher Directed Activity

by Jeffrey Scudder, 2015
with music by Abraham Edelman

The teachers and administrators are committed to providing total school celebrations, recognitions and activities that will produce positive school spirit, enthusiasm and improved learning results.


School Layout

Lunch System

Build 1

Personal Evaluation


Primary Template

Art Unit

Drawing the Face


Example 1

Example 2

Medical Unit

Chicken Pox

Colony Size

I Fell Down

People Unit

Demographic Characteristics

Physics Unit

Matter Does Not Order

Poetry Unit

Harmonic Texture

How to Analyze

Stressed and Unstressed


Game Field

Good Example

Night Before Tuesday

Phenomenal Teacher

Tree Haiku

Student Council Training

Individual Reality is Personal

Stop Conceptualizing Yourself as Separate

The Limits of Knowledge

To Render a Virtual Interactive Reality, One Must Define a Virtual Space